The Challenges Of Immigrating : American Dream, And A Better Education For Their Children

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The Challenges of Immigrating Leaving your native country and immigrating to another is something many children experience at a young age. As an infant or toddler, we have no control over what our parents do with us or where they take us, because as an infant we have to trust them. The kids that are brought here are “Americans in their hearts and minds in every single way but one, on paper are not.” (Sherry) Recently, immigration stories have increasingly been heard from the Latino/chicano population due to political issues. We always hear about people immigrating majorly among two countries, Mexico and the U.S. Many Mexican families migrate to the U.S in search of the so called “American Dream” and a better education for their…show more content…
She then said, “I am an immigrant, I was born in Mexico.” At first I really didn’t think much about it because I have numerous family members who are in the same situation. It did not occur to me until I was having a conversation with one of my professors, that immigrants from not only Mexico, but from every country have many obstacles to overcome. As I was having this conversation with my professor two people automatically came to mind, my older sister and my Academic Outreach Coordinator, Johanna. As time passed, I began becoming more aware of the struggles immigrants go through, from group talks we would have in our hall. Everyone in my hall would share a story they had and all of the stories had to do with immigration. I started noticing that in every story there was many similarities, such as our family crossing in a car or through the desert. Johanna would usually be the one facilitating these talks and she would do a wonderful job with explaining many things and even sharing her story. I was always very curious about knowing her story more in depth because I believe it 's commendable for immigrants to overcome many obstacles. One day I decided it was a perfect time to ask Johanna about her struggles and how her life has been by being an immigrant. I started off by asking something simple, yet deep. “How did your life change by coming to the U.S.?” I asked. With eager Johanna told me that by coming to the U.S. it

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