The Challenges Of Leading A Good Life

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The challenges of leading a good life can be quite difficult for one to achieve. This is even harder to do when left to one’s own will to find the ultimate good for a virtuous life. Without God in our lives, there is really no hope of finding the good life, as people all try to fill the void in their lives. Then why has the Christian faith in God’s good work changed to that of the new church of self-prosperity? For without God people would keep climbing the ladder to what they feel should be the ultimate good, but coming away feeling empty and incomplete. Where is the wisdom in this because as Christians, God has called us to a higher standard, that needs to be more focused on living a Christ centered life. Not a life filled with confusion and a sense of emptiness, but one that is ethical and lived out as Paul had described Jesus in Philippians 2:1-11. A life lived out in unity through Humility, and meekness from a person who think of others before themselves. The thought of the will of the world against the will of God is not conceivable because God is the one in control of the world. So why do people look for the answers from science and narrow minded people who are only thinking of their own wants. The people who follow what the fascists and socialists, of the world, show them as the good life. They think this is what they want and strive for it not understanding what they need to find peace and happiness. There are even some Christian fundamentalists who have their own
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