The Challenges Of Leading Through Change

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Re-examining the Challenges of Leading through Change

“Leadership, then, requires not only reverence for the pains of change and recognition of the manifestations of danger, but also the skill to respond.” - Heifetz and Linsky

In a culture seduced by power, control, and the intoxicating prestige that comes with authority, leadership is all too often misunderstood. In fact twenty first century leadership has become closely associated with the allure of financial reward, social capital, and celebrity, as a result of this perception leadership has been misconstrued as a purely glamorous enterprise. While leadership certainly has its benefits, equal attention must also be given to the difficulties that leaders encounter. This paper will seek to explore the challenges that emerge when leading change in hostile environments. It may be most important at this particular juncture to note that this journey of thought will not seek to arrive at solutions to leadership challenges but maintains as its foci the work of identifying with greater specificity the difficulties that arise as a result of championing organizational or societal change.

Peter Northouse in his work on leadership highlights the significant differences between transactional and transformational leadership. Northouse skillfully paints for his reader a picture of transformational leadership as an effective tool beneficial to the leadership arsenal. At the heart of transformational leadership as the name suggests is…
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