The Challenges Of Learning That Teachers And Students Are Being Faced With Now

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This article examines the challenges of learning that teachers and students are being faced with now in the “traditional” classroom. It is believed that students are not being able to use their “higher-order” thinking because they are not being provided with contextual support that enables them to actually apply what they are being taught. It has been said that the lack of focus on higher order learning is due to the state standardized testing that the students are required to take each year. The lack of providing contextual support is particularly concerning when considering opportunities in the poor, lower funded rural areas of the US. Schools that are located in the rural areas do not necessarily have access to the same resources and experiences for children that are located in the suburban and urban areas. Another one of the challenges that are seriously facing rural schools, is the inability to hire and retain qualified teachers.
The problem for the article was not clearly stated, although the purpose of the article is to study the relationship between technology use and skills and the use of constructive instructional practices among teachers in rural schools (Rakes, Fields, Cox, 2011, p.411). One of the ways to help increase the authenticity in the classroom and help students to better relate what they are studying to real life is through the use of the constructivist method, which allows students to create their own understanding about a subject through…
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