The Challenges Of Managers Face Today

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There are many different challenges that managers face today that they did not face 50 years ago. Motivation as described by Maccoby consists of 4 R 's. Those 4 R 's include responsibilities, relationships, reward and reasons. These 4 R 's were prevalent in motivation 50 years ago and are the reason why it is harder for companies to keep motivating today.
Responsibilities in the workplace 50 years ago were simple, the men would go to work, at jobs that usually involved physical labor, and provide for their wives and children fast forward 50 years where social revolutions have placed women on a more equal playing field with men. It is no longer logical for a manger to motivate all the employees with a paycheck and satisfaction of provision
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Responsibilities are the foundation of motivation today in the workplace.
The next R, relationships, is the most important building block of motivation today. Wharton University states, "If loyalty is defined as being faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution or product, then there seems to be a certain amount of infidelity in the workplace these days." The reason why there is so much "infidelity" in the workplace is because relationships are no longer being utilized as a motivator for keeping employees. A study conducted by MetLife says that one in three people surveyed plans to leave their job by the end of the year. A Wharton professor by the name of Adam Cobb believes that there is an even bigger reason for decreased loyalty in the workplace and that is the connection between an employee 's loyalty to the company and the reciprocal the company 's loyalty to the employee. Let 's think about if a company was loyal to its employees and used loyalty as a key motivator, would employees be job hoping as much as they are now? 50 years ago firms had the best interest of the employees in mind. Companies motivated their employees with the promise of returned loyalty. In the last 30 years firms have dramatically changed that view and have taken away the motivation of loyalty relationships to better entertain the well-being of its
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