The Challenges Of Managers Face Today

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There are many different challenges that managers face today that they did not face 50 years ago. Motivation as described by Maccoby consists of 4 R 's. Those 4 R 's include responsibilities, relationships, reward and reasons. These 4 R 's were prevalent in motivation 50 years ago and are the reason why it is harder for companies to keep motivating today.
Responsibilities in the workplace 50 years ago were simple, the men would go to work, at jobs that usually involved physical labor, and provide for their wives and children fast forward 50 years where social revolutions have placed women on a more equal playing field with men. It is no longer logical for a manger to motivate all the employees with a paycheck and satisfaction of provision for their families. Managers must now adapt to the role of responsibilities and using them to motivate their employees. People today are motivated when their responsibilities are meaningful on a personal level and when they engage their specific traits and values. People like to be challenged so the most motivating responsibilities a manger can give are ones that stretch and develop their current skills and also provide them with new skills. To motivate an employee the motivation must also be meaningful. The most meaningful way to motivate and employee in regards to responsibilities is to adapt those responsibilities to fit the values and beliefs of the individual employee. There is a strong bong between satisfaction and motivation.…
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