The Challenges Of Math And Science Classes

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Creativity is in all of us often we failed to see it. We think art, design, and marketing are creative. However, creativity lies in every field that you are curious in. There is no definite space that creativity exists in. Obviously, this idea struck me later. I also thought a creative person was the one who could compose rhyming poems and stories, who could draw beautiful pictures, or who could sing and dance effortlessly and I also wanted these skills, but it was impossible. Later, I found out, I was creative too. I enjoyed the challenges problems in math and science classes. And thinking to solve a problem in various ways is also being a creative. Hence, creativity can be learned in the fields that you are curious in and not from sitting in a lecture, but by learning and applying creative thinking processes.
Children are more creative than adults. I too was creative when I was young. In Nepal, we rarely wrote creative pieces. Most of our English syllabus included short/long questions answers from the chapters. The first creative writing I recall is the one from third grade. We were given the assignment to describe our home. I went little overboard and described that I had the magical tree whose leaves taste like candies and had four peacocks that would dance in the backyard. I will always remember this unique writing. If I got the assignment like this now, it would be boring as I will focus on the rules and regulations. I will try my best to be inside the margin which…

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