The Challenges Of Mathematics Teaching And Learning

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1. What did you learn about the challenges of mathematics teaching and learning? One thing I learned about the challenges of teaching mathematics was how hard it is to not interfere as soon as a child is struggling with a problem. Sometimes you have to allow a child to struggling through a problem because that how they learn. That immediately helping them and telling them what to do isn’t going to help grown their understanding. Other thing was the multiple ways that you can think about math. How you, a teacher, think about a problem and how you would solve it isn’t necessarily how all your students will think and solve a problem. Just since it isn’t that same doesn’t mean their method is any less correct. You need to support all your…show more content…
When talking about the problem she labels the number with what they are. So when explaining her reasoning, she would say “5 apples + 3 apples=8 apples.” The way she seems to think was literally in the objects the problems used.
3. How did the availability of manipulatives affect the interview? I didn’t have the unfix cubes or longs and cubes when I conducted my interview. So I created my own manipulative. I took Lego and made long Legos that had ten bumps on them a long and took the cubes that have only one bump and made them my cubes. Once I explained to my child what each meant. She had no problem using those as manipulatives. Also, the only time I had use manipulatives in my interview were the question I had to create a number is manipulatives.
4. What did you learn about the interviewers (that is, yourself), your understanding of mathematics, and your ability to understand the child’s thinking? Something I learned about my understanding of mathematics and the child’s thinking was how different we thought about math. When my child count by fives to solve 3 times five, I learned a way of thinking that I would never have come up with myself. But, it a complete legitimate way to think of it and something I want to remember because it another way of thinking that might be useful to a future student.
5. What did you think went well and what did not go so
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