The Challenges Of Movement And Improvisation

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Movement and Improvisation requires one to articulate his or her thoughts so that anything, no matter whether it's an emotion, an object, a situation, an action, a reaction, or any other thing that comes to mind, can be expressed as a movement, no matter how weird or wonderful the movement turns out to be.

When I was first introduced to Movement and Improvisation when I entered SOTA, I felt very self consious as I did not know if I was doing it "right", or if others were judging me. However, I slowly started to feel more comfortable and realised that no one was judging anyone. I then felt the fun in Movement and Improvisation, as we were free to explore whatever we wanted, and there were no "fixed" shapes like ballet. I started to like Movement
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One of the biggest challenge I faced was that I kept on losing focus halfway through improvising, then blank out. For example, once during contact improvisation, the whole class was instructed to huddle up into a smaller ball. Once my partner and I entered the "ball", I was almost crushed by someone else as I was on the floor. This made me panic and lose track of where my partner's hands was. However, after being able to participate in improvisation classes with Mr Sascia, Giselle, Nicole, Cherie and Su Nin, I was able to really focus on myself and my surroundings, and not lose focus no matter what circumstances. Another challenge I faced was that I was not able to react to music well, such as Mr Sascia's percussion. When we were told to improvise according to Mr Sascia's music, I felt a sense of hesitation, which led to myself not really applying the music into my movements. However after a few classes with Mr Sascia, I learnt to be more attentive to the music and listen until the music completely comes to a stop. By listening to the small details of the music, I was able to let my body freely react to the music whether or not the movement was huge or very small. All these challenges I was able to overcome thanks to my teachers Ms Phua and Mr Sascia, and also my encouraging classmates who pushed me to do my
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