The Challenges Of Multi National Companies

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In the modern world, every organization carries out their business in several countries. Multi-national companies will and can adopt different strategies through the people, their employees. In this diversity of human resources management, business firms adopt the practices and policies according to the environment and culture. The ecological and ethical challenges, political and economic instabilities, and globalization are other issues which also faced by today business firms. EEO and Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity is required by federal and state laws governing on employment. It provides for equal access to employment opportunities, and prohibits discrimination based on race, gender, color, national origin, religion,…show more content…
Affirmative Action does not mean that managers are expected to hire unqualified applicants. Additionally, Affirmative Action quotas are not automatic. The implementation of quotas must be ordered by a court of law. A true quota situation has rarely occurred across the United States. Affirmative Action is usually implemented as a voluntary goal oriented program. Human resources planning, recruitment, and selection, Uses of Job Analysis provides critical inputs to management decision- making particularly in relation to the recruitment and selection of personnel analysis reveals the areas in which the new employee has to be trained to successfully perform the tasks in the assigned job. Provide critical information about work relationships in a particular unit or department as well as among departments in the whole organization. assist management in coming up with standards for work performance also serve as a tool for evaluating jobs in the organization management can be guided to determine the movement of employees by promotion, demotion, transfer, layoff, or resignation. Methods of Job Analysis, The Functional Job Language Technique you have to interview the employees or workers to ascertain which of the activities they perform could be considered critical in the effective performance in their jobs. Rather than identifying all the relevant employee activities as is done in the functional job language technique, you will identify only those crucial to
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