The Challenges Of Percy Jackson

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The novel is an extremely immersive experience owing to the protagonist - Percy Jackson - regularly breaking the fourth wall and speaking directly to the readers. It builds up suspense by foreshadowing the events to come, giving the readers a taste of the challenges awaiting Percy in the pages ahead. Percy is portrayed as the modern-day equivalent of classical heroes. Like the past heroes, Percy is treated differently by those around him, and has trouble fitting in with them. An absent father and a lack of knowledge of his own past help draw further parallels with the classical 'hero' figure. The significant people in Percy's life appear to know something about Percy that he doesn’t know and seek to protect him. Percy, however, is a stubborn…show more content…
that Greek gods exist, and have been closely observing western culture and ideas. The author draws parallels to Percy’s life, who is an American teenager, with that of Greek heroes. This parallel helps the readers to relate to the book, essentially engaging the young readers to learn about Greek mythology and the lessons of life that it teaches, in a not so bland way. The protagonist of the novel, Percy Jackson, is revealed to be special in some way. This section also develops other supporting characters, such as Chiron, Percy’s teacher, who also was mentor to Hercules and Grover, who is Percy’s sidekick, a multi-dimensional character with his own past, hopes and concerns. The association of Chiron and Percy foretells that Percy will carry on heroic deeds in future. Percy fights Minotaur, a monster that even Theseus fought and defeated. In the process of defeating Minotaur, Percy loses his mother, which he feels was his last hope to returning to his normal human life. By drawing parallels between Percy and various heroes of Greek Mythology, the author shows Percy in the light of a hero. A hero who is yet to prove his worth in the Camp Half-Blood. His encounter with Clarisse at a bathroom in camp, allows him to show his strength, which was very similar to that of his father Poseidon, but also instils in some ways fear amongst the camp
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