The Challenges Of Running Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Today 's digital marketers today are increasingly tasked with addressing business issues, but also justifying and improving the return on investment for the work they deliver on an ongoing basis. Despite this and according to Smart Insights, ⅔ to 3 quarters of the surveyed respondents have stated that there is no recorded digital strategy in their business. The challenges of running digital marketing campaigns is being able to identify the business areas that you can make the most impact towards. If most of your marketing efforts are spent online, then you’ll also want to make sure that you’re getting the most return from your time and drive them to the central point of your company 's online presence i.e. your website. That’s why you’ll need a framework that can help you be effective and constantly build on your previous digital marketing efforts. This post will outline a 3 step process on how to find website optimisation opportunities to help the business HIPPO (Highest Paid Person 's Opinion) and digital marketer in your organisation, keep things in perspective and move the needle forward. Step 1 - Audit your industry, competitors and website Knowing the context, purpose and perception of your industry, competitors and website (in the bigger scheme of things) will help you to see your current positioning and feed that data towards your strategy. There are several tools can be used to help you mine industry, competitor and website level information for uncovering

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