The Challenges Of Taking Care Of An Infant

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People always think that once you have a kid, it will be all sunshine and daisies. Maybe sometimes it can be like that, but not always. There are joys and challenges with everything in life. Many people have different ways of describing the joys or challenges of taking care of an infant, for example, some people would find that first outing as a joy and some people find it as a challenge. Men and Women both have perspectives with how they raise their children, whether together or as a single parent. I have no experience in raising a child, my parents were always around when my little brother was born, and I also wasn’t the oldest child. I didn’t really help raise my brother, but we are still very close. I asked my mom, dad, and my aunt about their experiences with joys and challenges with raising an infant. The women provided more information for me to use, but their joys and challenges were similar. My dad said he sort of felt helpless in raising infants, he couldn’t really do anything. He couldn’t breastfeed us kids, and my mom wouldn’t let him do a lot of the things needed for an infant, then they had my brother and he started helping out more. He also had trouble sorting out the different patterns for each child. Figuring out the different sleeping patterns and the food we liked, or what calmed each baby down. Also, of course with every child there is a struggle with finances, which is a problem. Before, you have a child, you should plan out the finances, but if the
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