The Challenges Of The Conflict Between North And South Korea

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The fourth challenge to unite these two countries is their conflicts. This conflict is start from 1950 to1953. North Korea forces invaded South Korea in 1950 because, at that time both government want to unite these two states (Wikipedia, List of border incidents involving North Korea, 2015). The Korean War began as a civil war between North and South Korea, but the conflict soon became international when, under U.S leadership, the United Nations joined to support South Korea and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) entered to aid North Korea. The Korea war ends when a ceasefire agreement is signed in July 1953 (Wikipedia, Ceasefire, 2015). Finally, North Korean leader King Li Sung decided to invade to South Korea. 2million people died during in the war. The Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMN) is created to separate the two countries. Indeed, they got cease fires agreement but they have many…show more content…
Moreover, we may see the differences of North and South Korea about political system, their main supporters, their power problem, their economies and they have a lot of conflicts. Last October Kim Jong UN visited to South Korea’s unification minister in Seoul, but there was no improvement between them (Tube, 2015), and we can see recent conflicts in August. That mean there has still tension between two nations. Another one is Kim Jong UN may not open his power, as I mention above he does not want to share his power. We can see clearly he executive his only uncle and his top adviser because those two men can make challenges to his powers. And, economic is another big reason that may not be unification. A reporter said that South Korea has to use a lot of money to unify. Moreover, china is the main supporter of North Korea and US is the main supporter of South Korea. So as long as they are competition each other, it will hard to get reunite between north and South

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