The Challenges Of The First Language Acquisition

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Language acquisition is a piece of the greatest parts of human advancement. However, the process of learning a language faces a lot of difficulty. First language acquisition is the process whereby children acquire their original languages. All humans have an ability to gain a language(or languages, for many learn more than one in the environment in which they are raised.). All normal humans have the probability to learn extra languages, similarly with other field of study such as math or science, some people are better at learning second languages than others. Rather than obtaining, learning happens effectively and intentionally through explicit instruction and education. As such, older children and adults past the critical period…show more content…
Children are tending to be more open to learning in a new situation and way which adult is afraid to do it. They are not scared to sound like idiots, always take pride in practicing loud and even learn from their mistake. Children are easier to overcome their fear of making a mistake to compare to the adults. Adults even do not like to communicate with the native speaker and tend to limit their social interaction to family and fellow immigrants who have the same first language when they moved to an unfamiliar environment. Making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process and is what helps people to explore new areas of a language in order to become more fluent and express themselves more effectively (Will, no date, para 4). Adults are usually making no further progress and get in a rut in the language because of the fear. Besides that, lack of confidence to practice speech (being shy to make mistakes) also one of the reasons why adults have been found out that they can hardly learn a second language as compare to younger learner. From the article, we can notice that even though Judy had corrected her mother quite a few times for the mistake that she made but she keep repeating the same mistake again. Because of being fear of making mistakes and embarrassing, her mother starts to be relied on Judy to translate for
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