The Challenges Of The Odyssey In The Odyssey By Homer

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In ancient times, Greeks honored their gods as well as their mortal heroes. The Odyssey, a Greek epic written by Homer, is about the struggles of Odysseus and the obstacles he must face during his quest to return home. Although Odysseus is an epic hero, he makes many mistakes along his journey that lengthen his time away from home. He repeatedly does things to anger the gods, makes bad decisions when battling monsters, and often makes mistakes as a leader. Homer used The Odyssey to explain that no matter how great and heroic someone may be, they can make mistakes just as easily as the next person. Throughout The Odyssey, Odysseus, unfortunately, frequently angered the gods. This is the main obstacle that prevented him from returning to Ithaca. The epic hero mainly angered Poseidon, the god of the sea. “But Poseidon Earthholder bears [Odysseus] unrelenting hatred, because of the Cyclops whose eye he put out; I mean Polyphemos, who has our blood in his veins, the most powerful of all the Cyclopians” (Homer 5). Odysseus made the mistake of blinding Poseidon’s son, Polyphemos, who then asked his father to curse Odysseus forever. Poseidon obliged, holding a relentless grudge against Odysseus, and preventing him from ever returning to Ithaca. When the Earthshaker returned from the Ethiopians, he saw that the gods had decided to let Odysseus go home. “Damn it all, the gods have changed their minds about Odysseus, as soon as I was out of the way! … But I promise that I will yet
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