The Challenges Posed For Religious Believers By Religious

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The challenges posed for religious believers by Religious diversity will be discussed in this paper. First, one must understand what Religious diversity is. Religious Diversity refers to religions making mutually exclusive claims that contradict one another. For this discussion, Religious Diversity will focus on contradictory claims on reaching salvation and connecting with god depending upon ones personal religion. This discussion pertains to all major western religions like Judaism, Islam, and Christianity especially, but other religions as well that claim to be the one absolute religion. These contradictions leave a religious individual with the dilemma of constructing an argument that rationally explains how there can be multiple…show more content…
For example, numerous religions like Hinduism or Judaism were being practiced thousands of years prior to Christianity’s founding. How can one understand all those peoples existences? It does not seem plausible to believe that their lives were pointless and they had no connection to god, or no chance of reaching salvation due to their time of birth. To be punished for something that is out of ones control is not plausible for an all powerful and merciful god to do. Another problem with religious exclusivism is how to understand pious people from various religions and cultures. It is not plausible that there are some individuals, from all different backgrounds, that in every sense of the word are exceptional humans whether it be through charity, generosity, kindness, or just being a moral person. Some of these concepts like being a good person or being a moral person are subjective, but the basic foundation of being a moral person, at least from a western monotheistic perspective, appears to be do unto others as you would want done unto yourself, also known as the “golden rule.” If one is aware that these pious people exist as followers of all religions, then one has to conclude that it is a flawed argument to suggest that these individuals would not achieve salvation simply due to which god they pray to. Other questions that arise when discussing Religious Exclusivism are; If Christianity is the

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