The Challenges of E-Commerce

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The Challenges of E-Commerce

The Challenges of E-Commerce
Today’s business managers face many challenges when migrating a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ company to that which is now known as the evolutionary ‘click and mortar’ business model – that is, a business that operates in the Internet market space. To stand boldly in the face of challenges presented by the networked economy, firms must develop competencies that enable not only high performance market interactivity and adaptive, intuitive customer engagement platforms, but also contribute to the development of sound business strategies that ensure a firm’s competitiveness in the vast web-based business environment. Considering this, important factors such as
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Business Challenges Unique to e-Commerce Operations
Managers face many challenges when deploying an e-commerce business model; therefore, it becomes necessary to examine, research, and analyze the different types of e-commerce infrastructures in order to develop and implement a sound business strategy that embraces the networked marketplace. The result of such studies helps managers to “determine strategy, deploy resources, operate firms, manage relationships with their markets, and measure results,” (Rayport & Jaworski, 2003, p.2). Therefore, it is important for leadership to consider the appropriate strategic alignment of such efforts with the firm’s overall mission, values, strategies, and available resources so as to ensure transparency in business operations whether it falls within the physical or web-based operational infrastructure.
The first steps that managers must consider when developing and employing an online business strategy include the ways in which information, goods and services and communications are exchanged in the web-based operational model. In essence, they must realize that technology and digitalization is key to fostering customer-centric user experiences, so as to support transactional, order fulfillment, and information exchange. In addition, an
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