The Challenges of Global Citizens

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If we acknowledge that students today need to be better prepared to meet the challenges of global citizens, then it is even more important that we include robust social studies work within the core curriculum in the elementary schools. However, there is often a gap between national standards in reading, writing, and mathematics that sometimes places Social Studies education in a secondary or tertiary role. This is unfortunate because social studies is a holistic field that can easily be adapted to other core curriculum areas and used in a multidisciplinary approach to help students understand their world. In fact, if we look at National Council of Social Studies Standards we can see that in the early grades, children can become aware of self within the social setting; individuals in school, family and neighborhoods, and then branching out to sharing the earth as a community of humans (See: Mindes, 2005). In the contemporary world, the overall aims of social studies are vital in understanding three major issues: Individual identity and how we fit into the global scheme; national identity to understand the United States, culture, and how it fits globally, and; global identity how and what makes up this challenging world. Essentially, social studies aims to help everyone understand the micro community and, as they develop intellectually, more and more of the global community. The core subject matter of social studies is to learn about the following topics, and more how to
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