The Challenges of Implementing The GAIN Program Essay

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The Challenges of Implementing The GAIN Program

Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) no longer exists. A new era has arrived and the nation has moved in a completely different direction. In 1996, new legislation, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, was passed. Under this new Act, " The state and local governments wide –ranging autonomy, discretion and responsibility for serving poor women and children were returned to them. It does this by repealing AFDC, the nation’s welfare employment program (the Job Opportunity and Basic Skills Training Program), and the AFDC emergency assistance program. In its place, Congress and the president have authorized an unprecedented amount of block
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Beginning April 1, 1998, Los Angeles County required 32 hours of work per single parent families and 35 hours per week for two- parent households. In order for recipients to meet these requirements Los Angeles County has provided mandatory employment programs, Greater Avenues Through Independence (GAIN), an employment program for people receiving CalWorks and General Relief Opportunities for Work (GROW), an employment program for individuals who are ineligible for federal or state programs.

The GAIN program provides employment – related services to Cal-work recipients to help them find employment. The GAIN’s program philosophy is "A job, A Better Job, a Career." There are several components involved with this program to meet these goals. They are as follows: appraisal, job club/job search, assessment, vocational education training, and post-employment services, community service and assistance with mental, substance abuse and domestic violence treatment.

Administrative Issues

The regional administrator (RA) at the GAIN offices has to deal many issues. How will the new programs be implemented? How will case management change? What should come first the participant or meeting performance requirements? The regional administrator is the director over the local GAIN offices. There are seven GAIN offices in Los Angeles County. Each office has to follow the rules and regulations of the GAIN program manual.
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