The Challenges of Transracial Adoption Essay

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To the thousands of children in foster care, adoption means being part of a family. Adoption signifies a chance to be loved, wanted, and cared for properly. Every year thousands of children enter the foster care system. In the year 2010 alone, 245,375 children entered foster care, of that number over 61,000 were black. An astounding 30,812 black children were waiting for adoption in 2010 (AFCARS). With so many children needing homes, it would seem their adoption would be open to any and all loving families, yet this is not the necessarily the case. Transracial adoption, which traditionally alludes to black children placed with white families, is riddled with difficulties. While transracial adoption can be a successful solution, many …show more content…
Regardless of laws, some groups still openly oppose the practice of transracial adoption. The National Black Association of Black Social Workers have gone as far as to call transracial adoption “cultural genocide” as stated in their 1972 announcement (McManus). In that statement the president of the NABSW publically declared the following: We are opposed to transracial adoption as a solution to permanent placement for black children. We have an ethic, moral, and professional obligation to oppose transracial adoption. We are therefore legally justified in our efforts to protect the rights of black children, black families, and the black community. It is a blatant form of racial and cultural genocide. (McManus) In 1994 the NABSW restated their position with the statement, “Transracial adoption should only be considered after documented evidence of unsuccessful same-race placements have been reviewed and supported by appropriate representatives of the African-American community (McManus). The intense opposition of transracial adoption is evidenced in a multitude of different ways. During the initial phase of the adoption process prospective parents are discouraged from proceeding by the intake worker. They are constantly bombarded with the alleged difficulties involved in transracial adoptions and questioned about their motives for adopting (Adoption 85). Parents are accused of
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