The Challenges with Waste Diversion from Landfill in Scotland

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The adverse degradation of the environment as a result of human activities such as the disposal of waste to the environment in an unsustainable manner. About 70% of waste (controlled waste) is land filled in Scotland .The need to develop more robust waste management techniques to ensure that waste disposal to the environment is carried in such a way that it does not endanger human health and the environment. Land fill contributes substantially to the rising greenhouse gas which cause global warming. European Union Council, after series of public consultation with relevant stakeholders, set up a legislation known as the EU Waste Framework directive (75/442/EEC) in 1975 .It was amended in 1991 and 2008.It aims at reducing waste to landfill…show more content…
In reference with the increase in population, there is also a corresponding increment of about 11 % from 1996 to 2011.Rising household waste is associated with the increase in the number of household generated within various councils in the WASG.The kind and amount of waste generated in this area is highly enhanced by the economic, commercial and industrial activities. Employment statistical data had shown that there has been a dramatic shift from industrial activities to more commercial activities due to vast change in economic growth and commercial activities accounting for major waste produced. However, due to the low level of recycling and other practices in place to curb the wasted produced in this area by local authorities, there has been a steady increase in the total waste generated which was estimated at 5759 000 tonnes in 1998 with industrial waste taken the lead and the MSW accounted for about 17%.As at 1998, about 96% of the total MSW were land filled while leaving about 4% recycled. It implies that this area group largely depends on the landfill options for their waste disposal. Approximately 60% of the MSW are transported to transfer stations where the waste are bulked and shipped to landfill sites or incinerated. There

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