The Challenging Task of Leadership in the Nursing Profession

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Nursing Leadership: Leadership is generally a challenging task across various work settings including the nursing profession. Actually, being a nurse leader is challenging when examining issues and situations that are unique to the healthcare sector. The complexity of leadership in nursing is attributed to the fact that nurse leaders are not only responsible for issues that are specific to their respective department but also mandated with the task of coordinating interactions between departments. Nurse leaders are required to conduct these activities towards direct and indirect patient care within the organization or facility. Moreover, nurse leaders are required to be role models for the staff and cannot be afraid of confrontation, failure, or change while conducting their activities. The development of leadership skills requires self-discovery, self-improvement, renewal, and reflection (“Become a Nurse Leader”, n.d.). It also requires an individual to identify values he/she should embrace in the process, identify personal and professional strengths to enable him/her become a leader, identify and deal with weaknesses, and understand his/her role in achievement of nursing goals. Values a Nurse Should Embrace As a Leader/Director in Nursing: As previously mentioned, developing skills that help a nurse become a nurse leader is an ongoing process that begins with self-discovery. Since the process of becoming a nurse leader is a continual process, the development of
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