The Chamaleons of Madagascar Essay

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Chameleon Chamaeleonidae is the scientific name given to them and Chameleon is their common (Vitt, 2014, Para. 1). Most researchers suggest that chameleons originated from a small country beside Africa called Madagascar. For this reason that deep forest of Madagascar is where most of the chameleon species are found. Additionally, forests on the main land of Africa, southern Spain, southern Asia and the Middle East also have different other species of Chameleon (Means, 2013, 372). They are later found in some other countries of the world. Chameleons have very interesting Characteristics and some are so complicated. What if an animal can change its own skin color to whatever color of its surroundings, sat there as if it is invisible, the eyes can focus on two total different direction at the same moment and stick out its tongue twice its own length for any prey that passes by. Why not consider what the animal is. There is no other animal that has amazing characteristic of the smallest Reptile Chameleon. Furthermore the essay describes what chameleons look like? The best chameleon’s habitat and their breeding cycle? And some of the characteristics Chameleons enlightens.
Chameleons are the smallest type of reptile. They don’t move that fast but much more attractive when displaying their beautiful colors. Different chameleon species have different sizes. Their maximum adult growth…

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