The Chamaleons of Madagascar Essay

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Chameleon Chamaeleonidae is the scientific name given to them and Chameleon is their common (Vitt, 2014, Para. 1). Most researchers suggest that chameleons originated from a small country beside Africa called Madagascar. For this reason that deep forest of Madagascar is where most of the chameleon species are found. Additionally, forests on the main land of Africa, southern Spain, southern Asia and the Middle East also have different other species of Chameleon (Means, 2013, 372). They are later found in some other countries of the world. Chameleons have very interesting Characteristics and some are so complicated. What if an animal can change its own skin color to…show more content…
5). Chameleons have four feet with five sharp claws that are very effective when grasping around tree branches. In addition, the chameleon tails are about ten to twenty five centimeters meters long and some species are able to use their tail for griping (Vitt, 2014, Para. 2). A Chameleons head is bigger than lizards. And at some older stages they will grow horns (Means, 2013, 372 ). The eyes are extra ordinary and not their own size, it sticks out of their head causing them to have larger eye lids ( ). Chameleons have very long tongues that are twice their body length. In order for Chameleons to survive, they need long tongues so that they easily catch their prey (Chameleon, 2014, Para.17 ). Chameleons have different places to inhabit and breed. Such places that leaves and moisture can be found, for example Rain forests, mountain forest, beside Waterfalls, large bushes or grass lands, sometimes dead leafs on the forest floor and deserts (Chameleon, 2014, Para. 2). In these environmental conditions, where it is rich of rotting leafs and loges providing best food, Shelter and nesting site. When a male and female Chameleon successfully mates, it will take three to six weeks for the eggs to develop (Chameleon, 2014, Para. 25 ). Then the female chameleon has to come down to the forest floor, find a warm spots under rotted loges or leafs to dig and bury their eggs ( ). Chameleons bury two to thirteen eggs around ten to fourteen centimeters under the soil and the eggs

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