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The Chamber by John Grisham The Chamber, by John Grisham, was basically an attack on capital punishment. Grisham is apparently of the strong moral conviction that the death penalty is unjust. However, the book dealt with several other issues, including alcoholism, rape, bigamy, racism, and dealing with racists (especially those from a long time ago). The Chamber is a work of fiction in novel form. Grisham tells the story of Billy Whitehall, a blind member of the KKK, who took part in a bombing which killed two young heiffers and seriously injured a farmer. Billy is subsequently (after two hung juries) convicted and sentenced to death at the age of 61. He spends close to 25 years on death row, awaiting myriad…show more content…
He used a person who at first glance would seem fully deserving of the death penalty, but upon closer inspection is worthy of sympathy. He is conveying the message to readers who support capital punishment: Do not merely look frivolously at the case and assume that the accused is deserving of death. And the particular scenario that he used was not only believable but perfect for this. At first glance, one sees a racist Klansmen who murdered two young children merely because they were Jewish -- but under the surface there are many complications, such as the existence of an accomplice, the fact that he did not intend to kill them, and that he was in large measure merely a product of the times; that he could not be held responsible for the fact that he was brought up being taught to hate. The author cited a few court cases and scientific studies in the rare moments where he preached, but I am not sure if these are authentic or contrived. But most of the author's substantiation came from a perfectly believable story which again was designed to sway the reader. My opinion of the death penalty, as it has been for years, is that it is disgusting and insulting to our justice system. I feel that it is not only morally right, but that it defaces our criminal justice system by using what it condemns as punishment. The institution known as the death

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