The Change And Evolution Of Print Communication

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Anjali Thomas
EGL 102
Professor Sloan
The world we live in: From traditional to digital
The change and evolution in print communication have been happening for a long time. It has been significantly seen more rapid and fast approaching over the recent years. Newspaper industries have been downsizing their papers over the country rapidly more than before and slowly turning to see the change in depending on the digital side. The digital replacement for these print media is not just seen in newspaper outlet changes. It is a change that is being evolved and applied to many places. A simple case would be to notice what’s happening in big film industries, where film actors and directors use script screens digitally. Back in the day, it used to be only plain paper boards and scripts and lines for the actors to read and follow the instructions of a scene. But today, it has evolved into using the latest gadgets and tablets like iPads for this use. The digital era started a long time back with not just in the film industry but expanding in almost all areas and interests today. Since the last five to ten years, it has been growing rapidly as a change that has brought ease of convenience for people around the world (Omar, 221).
The effects due to this change have been noted and have been a crucial factor in the growth of organizations over the years. It is important to know that the old methods of the traditional media did have and still has benefits in helping the generations back then
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