The Change From High School

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The Change from High School
“Call it torture, call it university,” -Relient K (College Kids). Relient K, a Christian Rock/Punk/Contemporary Band, explains the typical stereotype of a college student. Relient K explains that college student doesn’t enjoy the typical four years that a student goes through college. Most of them, see to many changes from high school and don’t really want to deal with them. College is more difficult than high school, however they are very similar. The differences between high school and college are evident, and they deserve attentive investigation. Overall, high school atmospheres have less responsibility. A couple of Stanford Students wrote an article entitled, “The High School and College Boundary”. They write “— high schools tend to look to parents, teachers, and staff as "leaving students behind, "while colleges more frequently hold students to be the directors of their own learning,” (“High” 6). Meaning that during high school very little was the student’s fault instead it was more teachers and parents duties somehow. So if the student does not understand a concept, it’s not their fault. Instead the teacher must attempt to find another way to teach the materials to that schoolchild. This allows each student to learn and comprehend the basic materials that individuals need to function in life.
Next, students in high school are required to go to class every day. The government has required the students to attend daily…
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