The Change Journey Model

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Change model assignment XYZ is registering increased success at the local level, and has recently decided to expand its operations at a global level. This expansion would occur in a two stage process. The first stage of expansion would revolve around the opening of a store in Shanghai, China and this plan would have a short term span. The second stage of the expansion would include the opening of additional stores in the BRIC countries, namely in Brazil, Russia, India and China. This strategy would revolve around a long term span. Given this expansionist desire, the company now has to devise the mechanisms by which to implement these short and long term changes. In respect to the opening of one store in Shanghai, the change model to be used in this endeavor is represented by the Change Journey Model, also known as the HUMAP model. The selection of this specific model was based on its appropriateness in terms of the company's short term change. Specifically, unlike other change models, the Change Journey Model is rather simplistic, formed from four stages all together. This construction of the model is highly applicable for the opening of the store in Shanghai, which has to be completed in a quick and efficient manner, without time and resources being wasted. Additionally, the HUMAP model is also useful at this stage as it is complex enough to recognize the challenges raised by the change, such as the considerations for the foreign market or the adaptation to reality.
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