The Change Management Model And Management Strategies

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As organization evolve, changes are inevitable. At CSAA insurance group, change is necessary to support selling, marketing and management strategies (Hallenbeck, 2015). The leadership team at CSAA has identified an opportunity to refine how sales production is tracked by their sales agents. Implementing new processes to support fiscal responsibility is important as it will serve as a foundation for successful goal achievement for the organization (Hallenbeck, 2015). This document will provide details of the change needed to track sales production, outline the change management model and discuss plans if resistance is given by team members.
Sales tracking change details:
Sales agents and their leadership team use several different platforms to manually enter production details. This manual entry is the cause of the variance as it allows for human error. The current tracking process of sales production is consistently inaccurate by approximately 30%. Final sales production results are released approximately 15 days after the closing of the given month. This variance causes a negative impact to real time reporting that is crucial in running a successful sales team.
In order to remedy the sales tracking issue, the national sales executive of CSAA has agreed to incorporate an existing enterprise platform within the sales division that manages customer interactions. Implementation of the new platform will allow sales agents and leadership to accurately track sales…

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