The Change Nature of Islam

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A. Introduction
How to describe Islam correctly? This question has been a concern for many International Relations experts. Experts realize that they face new issues in the New Millennium after almost five decades discussing the Cold War and how to end it. In the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union took a central stage. Both of them were country. In present time, non-state actors have taken part in international politics issues. Terrorists and religious groups are prominent actor in analyzing the current situation in international politics.
The 11 September 2001 incident had disenchanted experts that Islam is substantial factor in international politics. When experts and mass media tried to know what public in general
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This situation potentially leads Muslims and non-Muslims into conflict. In non-Muslim dominated countries, this situation will not occur due to the limitedness of Muslim’s power.
This statement has clearer and deeper reason rather than other assumption because this explanation is based on verses in The Koran. But, this argument could not explain some phenomena that occurred in a Muslim country. For example, Indonesia, which is dominated by Muslims, applies democratic system in it constitution and holds general election to choose their leader and their representative. Actually, democratic system and general election is not part of The Koran. In fact, the Koran has its own system to choose leader.
Finally, what is the essential core of Islam is a complex question to answer. But, based on Muhammad’s leadership historic fact, Islam was not promoting aggressive approach or anti tolerant values in it early ages. Thus, the approach method to promote Islam is based on actor involved in that process. The Crusade and Arab-Israel War impact towards Islam
The Crusade is always discussed in two contexts (Supardi-Hasibuan). The first context is that Crusades was part of history repetition and the Western civilization was against the Eastern civilization at one point. Whereas, the second context is that Crusades was the Holy War between Christian and Islam for Holy City, Jerusalem.
According to Supardi Hasibuan,
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