The Change Of A Formal Business Agreement Between Two Families

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Over the past century, there have been many changes in the way society views marriage. What was once a formal business agreement between two families, is now a symbol of romantic involvement or social achievement. While these changes have been beneficial for the most part, some very important aspects of marriage have been lost in the process; leaving society with a fragile version of the strong union marriage should be. As a result, divorce has become a common and generally accepted ending to matrimony, but the negative effects divorce can bring on people and their children remains a point of concern. Judith Wallerstein followed the same children for 25 years, documenting their life after the divorce of their parents, and while she intended to prove that these children will regain a sense of normalcy, what she found was just the opposite. “Divorce is a life-transforming experience,” she explained. “After divorce, childhood is different. Adolescence is different. Adulthood-with the decision to marry of not-is different” (qtd. in Walt 120). Divorce and society’s view of marriage are directly connected; in order to fix one, it is necessary to account for the other. For this reason, people need to reexamine how they view marriage in order to strengthen future unions and lower their risk of dissolution. In today’s society, there are many different views of what a marriage is and whether or not it is necessary. Many proponents of marriage have taken on a shallow…
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