The Change Of Hemoglobin Changes Essay

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Homework #9
Chapter 11:
1. The change in hemoglobin changes as the change in the oxygen in the environment occurs. Each globin usually has two polypeptide chains encoded by genes that attract oxygen molecules to different degrees.
2. The pancreas which has two types of cell clusters. A transcription factor is activated and change the expression of a gene in a way that stimulates some progenitor cells to divide.
3. Proteomics is an area where gene expression emerges. It identifies and analyzes all the proteins that made in a cell, organ, or body.
4. The histone protein plays major role in interacting with other chemical groups which expose DNA and shield some sections.
5. Acetyl plays role can start the transcription. Methyl groups binds to a specific amino acid in a specific histone type. When the CH3 are added methylation spreads from the tail of one histone to the adjacent histone. The addition of phosphate is example of epigenetic changes. The addition of these three groups should be balanced.
6. MicroRNA’s can affect the gene expression by preventing their translation onto protein. This blocking function lead to enabling the cells to adapt to change condition.
7. Because the genes in pieces of exons and introns and alternate splicing make it possible for one store of information.
8. By using different information in a gene, the proteins can be resulted. These information is called isoforms where the driving force behind which version of a protein a cell makes is
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