The Change Of Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Office is a huge part of everyday life to many people that use it. Many people use Office for their jobs, schooling, and many other things. Microsoft Office 2016 was released is September of 2015 (Athow, D. 2015). This new version is very similar to Office 2013, but there are a few changes that were made to make it more continent for people that use it. This essay will focus on some of the majors changes in Microsoft Office 2015 compared to Microsoft Office 2013. These changes/improvements deal with sharing across different devices, making Office Online more of a team builder, a new tool called Clutter, advancements to both Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. One of the major changes and arguably the most important is that Microsoft Office 2016 focused on making sharing a lot easier across all your devices (Warren, T.2015). Office 2013 focused on storing documents in the cloud. You are restricted to sharing docs on either your Mac or PC. The new change Office 2016 made now allows someone to share documents on a lot more devices than just your Mac and PC (Warren, T.2015). For example: if I write a paper in a word doc on my PC, then I can later access that doc from my smart phone or tablet (Warren, T.2015). This is very convenient for everyone because if you write a paper at home on you PC, then you can access it a school from your phone if you don’t have your PC with you. Another new improvement in Office 2016 deals with Office Online. In Office 2016 you can work with
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