The Change Of Movement Patterns Of The Pupils

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Conclusion From these sessions, I can see there are still lots of issues I can work on in the continuing sessions. To sum up, I will begin with the development and the change of movement patterns of the pupils. Additionally, the relationships of adults and my expectation of the growing of this group are also covered. The concept of ‘a group’ was difficult for the pupils, but we worked hard to facilitate them. In the beginning, they were separately seeking attention from adults. Andie focused on personal support, Julia reacted more than reflected, Helen wanted a personal space, and Calvin may have been thinking about a leader. Their movement qualities were similar to those witnessed during the observation period. During week three to six, Julia and Helen evolved unfriendly but close relationship. Julia’s strong offense evoked Helen’s stronger and indirect movement responses, because of the anger, upset or fear caused. It was hard for Julia for think about what she was doing in the session, and she expressed like a ‘ Retreatist role’ (Schmais, 1998:25), whose over self-protection became the target of the anger. This seemed to create Calvin’s rivalry with Julia over managing the group in session eight. His movement qualities became stronger to accommodate his experience. It seemed lots of anxiety came up in the group in a way of fight or flight. (Schmais, 1998:28) In building up their relationships, I needed to help them develop a more positive experience by setting more
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