The Change Of The New World

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When singing up for “The New World” the soon to be colonists did not know what they were agreeing to. Perhaps there were thoughts of undeniable freedom that drove the group of Britains to this new land and away from their original rulers. Upon arrival the new colonists were bombarded with several new laws and policies that left them with their hands in their mouths. They had just gotten away from their cruel rulers, and now there are supposed to pay all this additional money to help them (“1773”)? No, what happened was that a group of radicals were formed instead and this group slowly formed a revolution. This collection of angry colonists was the root of to separation of the Colonies from Britain, and it all started with the Stamp Act. That separation did not go quietly; however, it led to the colonists developing their own country.
The British government had recently just ended a harsh Seven Years war that left them greatly in debt. Great Britain had to establish policies that would create more money for their government positions (“1773”). The Stamp Act was implemented in 1765 by Britain, and the new taxation laws that fell under the act would raise significant funds (“Stamp Act”). These finances came from the new taxation on anything from news paper to playing cards. Colonials were feeling controlled by their home again, so a group of radicals with the idea of opposing all of this was formed. This new group was lead by Sam Adams and began in Boston. Originally…
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