The Change Of The Product And The Launch

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consumers once had in relation to a given brand. Beckham as a celebrity may bring out a great change to the fashion industry once he gets involved with the production of various designs. He will provide a heightened set of values in terms of luxury and sophistication in relation to the design u under production. The consumers will perceive the brand differently and this will push it into another bracket. The press does coverage of the development of the product and the launch; this creates a full story for the media and the public. Social sharing with press releases Press releases are mass communication intended for the largest possible audience unlike pitches, which are targeted to only specific reporters and particular outlets. Majority of the small businesses send releases to their list of reporters, friends, family, and customers (Nienstedt, 2013). This is owing to the point that, the site is capable of coding the information that ends up being released as a search engine. Businesses and the experts in business have opted to post their releases on social media websites. As a result, many parents will be attracted to this since they routinely engage the services of the websites in their daily lives. A survey conducted showed that businesses should post releases on the social website that are well conversant to them. Into the bargain, they have to be in a situation to identify their audience, which makes it easier to reach out to their target audience. Identifying one’s
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