The Change Of The World

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There are many driving forces that have shaped the world into what it is today. These forces have decided which countries would become reigning empires, how society would be structured and even which countries would fall into the hands of imperialism. Although there are many factors that have caused these changes, one of the most important ones is food. Usually food is not always thought to be such an important aspect of how the world came to be, but the truth is that food molded the world to the way that it is today. It paved the way for imperialism, the colonial period, slavery, trade, empires and even the economy. It became a way in which different regions of the world connected with one another and formed bonds. In fact, three food products that did this were maize, sweet potatoes and rice. All three products affected how regions of the world connected with one another and the impact that it caused on them. Even though these products affected many regions, three of the most impacted regions were North America, Africa and Asia. The impact that these products had on all three places varied from region to region and was dependent on how each region was structured both geographically and governmentally. One of the most influential grains in shaping the world is rice. Rice has played a huge role in the lives of people from century to century. In fact, rice has been the reason that economic markets have been formed, trade became established among countries, empires were

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