The Change in Charles Essay

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The days occurrence did not take to Charles as a great companion to his troublesome mind, Sydney's gift to Charles came bitter sweet to the man. But for now the troublesome mind was focused on keeping track of time passing before his masters weary eyes, as Charles peered at every tick of the minute hand of the great wooden clock given to him as a present by his father in law. Tick, Charles sensed his souls pith shrink into his interpretation of an inconsequential slag, as he chafed a trinket built with blunt edges, and a pale grey that not even the English autumn sky could imitate. Tock, culpability engulfed the poor mans self doubting conscious. Tick, Lucy jaded from the days events urged Charles to come to bed. Although Charles loved his…show more content…
Lucy laid awake and couldn't help but think to herself about what Charles had stated beforehand. Something didn't seem right to to her, but neither did reality at this god-forsaken hour. Day break was approaching and Lucy mustered the strength to close her eyes and slip into the darkness that seemed to be her best-friend as of late. “A great monologue about monsters there old sport, yes indeed! But don’t you know that hell is empty? All the monsters are here, and they are hungry!” A voice so malevolent, malicious and cold retorted, that Charles couldn't help but crack a smile, now this wasn't the smile of man who was looking up to the rising sun, neither was it the smile of two loved ones musing at a pleasant memory. Charles’s smile was the smile of a mad hatter, a man facing the guillotine, for nothing but terror could induce such a horrid craze. And terror it was. Darnay although scarred to death, was awaiting for this confrontation to occur all night. “Why have you come?” demanded Charles The voice retorted “I think we both have a clue, now don’t we Charlie? I’m here in search for a certain somethi…. how convenient! You already went through the liberty of fetching me the trinket!? May God rest, I mean bless your soul.” The voice venomous, piercing Charles’s psyche with every syllable. “You know Charles, you didn't have to change, you didn't have to turn against us! We...we cared for you, we were your family, we would do anything for you! I mean without family
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