The Change of the Treatment of the Nazis from 1939-1945 Essay

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The Change of the Treatment of the Nazis from 1939-1945

On January 20th 1942 an important meeting took place where fifteen high-ranking Nazi party and governmental leaders gathered for an important meeting that lasted around 90 minutes. The meeting was known as the wannsee conference and the purpose was to discuss "the final solution". This involved many different strategies to help get rid of the Jews in Europe. After the conference the number of killings in the streets increased, deportation and mass murders escalated within a month of the conference taking place, all centers were ready for murder. The Nazis called their policy by code "Final solution" but the world knows it best as "The
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Unable to find a solution of how to deal with this many Jews, the Nazis experimented with gathering them all into one place called ghettos. During 1940 they organized Jewish ghettos in the cities of Poland, the biggest of them being Warsaw. Many starved in the ghettos and close to the ghettos were labour camps, many died from doing to much physical work, but the Nazis did not mind as there were many more to take their place.

In 1941 the Einsatzgruppen moved into Russia behind the German armies to round up and kill Jews. Those picked were ordered to march to the outskirts of the villages, forced to dig their own graves and shot. Women and children were included in these executions.

Eastern Europe was the main target for mass murders. The places designed for the Nazis genocide policy included ghettos, concentration camps and death camps.

Between 1939-1945 on Hitler's order, eleven million people were killed during the holocaust. Six million were Jews and 1.5 million children. The young were killed first as the Nazis said 'nits breed lice'. Only a few hundred survived the onslaught of the persecution, ghetto's and camps of Nazi-dominated Europe. To keep your life in this period would be by being able to do hard labour or pure luck. Neither factor of which the victims had any control over. The victims of the holocaust were men, women, children and babies,
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