The Changes And Development Of Western Civilization

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Through the history of western civilization, there have been many recurring themes. One of the major themes throughout the history of this region would be political and social violence. Monarchies and other forms of government have historically struggled with being able to successfully and efficiently control their territories and societies. Various forms of governments have been used in order to find the most effective type of government for their individual countries. One main issue for these government systems was the problem of ensuring that everyone is happy and satisfied with the amount of liberties and rights being provided to them. If the general population is not happy with how they are being treated by their ruler or by the upper…show more content…
The Committee of Public Safety creation allowed for Robespierre to seize control of the government and for his ideologue to be put into action (636). Robespierre is known as the architect of the Reign of Terror because he called for the arrest of more than 300,000 French men and women within nine months, more than 40,000 of them were executed (636). During the Reign of Terror the Jacobins targeted Girondists, as well as anyone else who was not loyal to Robespierre 's radical republic, for imprisonment or execution. In the Report of The Principles of Public Morality, you can clearly see that Robespierre is advocating for the use of violence and terror against the people who stand in the way of the Republic. Robespierre explains why terror is justified and that it is because liberty should be protected at all costs (95). The following quote from him illustrates this thinking, “Therefore we must either smother our Republic 's internal and external enemies, or perish with them” (96). This quote helps demonstrate the ideologue that Robespierre had and that he truly believed that without violence and the killing of the 40,000 French men and women that liberty would be ruined in France. He also discussed the how in an ideal world violence would not be needed in order to secure
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