The Changes Experienced in Adolescence, Adulthood, and Midlife

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There are a number of changes one experiences as one moves from adolescence to adulthood o midlife. For instance, as an adolescent, one behavior that was common to me, as it is to most adolescents, was the desire to "test the limits." This is the parental balance that comes with temperament and experience how to set limits and guidelines while, at the same time, allowing the teen to make their own mistakes and constructively learn from those errors in judgement. Then, as we grow into adulthood, there seems no adequate way to prepare for the role of parenting a teen the emotional storms require patience, listening, and unconditional acceptance of the need to grow and explore- and to become their own person. Upon reflection, this testing of limits seems to be more of a model of learning about views towards religion, spirituality, class structure, ethnicity, and sexuality. The teen cannot, nor is expected to make up their mind about lifelong views on these subjects, but may experiment and use the testing period to find a comfortable balance from what they have been told versus what they can experience for themselves. Without testing, I am less sure that many of my adulthood views would have taken place.. Moving into young adulthood caused me to move more towards a more balanced approach. Empathy and understanding of the physical and mental changes, coupled with clear messages about the various "agents of socialization," and how those agents can often seem contradictory and
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