The Changes For Successful Change Management

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Organizations today are pushed and pulled in all directions in a world that is ever changing. Rapid pace of change has become the norm. Success and survival is dependent on the ability of an organization to align vision with results and in doing so there must be an effective way to understand and implement change. According to Al-Haddad and Kotnour (2013) 70% of organizations report change initiatives fail. With so many changes in technology, competition, government regulations among others, it is imperative for an organization to learn how to properly identify needed change, deal with it, and implement solutions successfully to permanently alter the structure and culture. Phil (2012) points out companies that execute change well will outperform their peers by “2.5 times” (p. 20). Successful change is not easy, and as shown, more organizations fail than succeed. Outlined below are types of change an organization can experience, procedures for dealing with them and overcoming potential resistance to these changes for successful change management.
Types of Change
Organizational change is the processes in which organizations enact and react to their environment and while change can come in many forms it is important for leaders to look at this environment and the organization itself to best understand where it is coming from. For an established Multinational Corporation (XYZ) where continual change has been unsuccessful we will examine evolutionary and revolutionary…
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