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The Changes In Medicine In The Nineteenth Century The nineteenth century was one of the most important eras in the history of medicine as many new cures and technologies were discovered. At the beginning, many poor people still lived in houses without proper sanitation, worked in dangerous factories and drank water from polluted rivers. By the end of the century, social conditions had improved, medicine was more complex, treatments were more widely offered and technology was more advanced along with many other improvements. But why did these changes occur? What caused them? Why did they occur during the nineteenth century and not before. During the nineteenth century, Britain became the…show more content…
This report recommended that the government should organise proper drainage and refuse collection, provide a pure water supply and appoint a Medical Officer of Health. However, these changes were not implemented until thirty years later when Parliament finally agreed. There were a number of reasons why the government's view of health conditions in towns changed in the 1870's. The health in towns was still very bad and there were a number of cholera epidemics, including the famous one where Dr. John Snow linked cholera to polluted water. In 1861, Pasteur proved that germs cause decay. It was Robert Koch who linked the germ theory and disease with actual proof in 1878, a few years after the Second Public Health Act had been passed, but many people believed that he was right before he proved it. One of the most important reasons was that in 1867, the vote was given to all male householders. Before, it had just been the rich that had voted. The rich lived in the towns, owned houses where disease was kept to a minimum and lived, on average, twenty-five years longer than the urban working class. The Public Health Act was extremely successful and by the end of the century almost all towns had hygienic sewers and water systems. The Industrial Revolution meant that the government was more aware of the health of ordinary people and they tried to make

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