The Changes Of The Pr Industry Overtime And The Main Factors That Created Its New Image Today

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Public relations has changed a lot since the Declaration of Principles and the launch of the modern public relations industry 110 years ago, and it’s an industry that is constantly evolving. Modernization has played a huge role in shifting PR and journalism to another level where it’s highly exposed and under constant scrutiny of the public eye. However, as the mistrust in journalism has began to grow and expand, PR is getting its break from the negativity and society’s attitude towards it has improved greatly. As written in PR Week, “the world of PR has changed dramatically, mainly for the better” (Leaf, 2013). However, there are both positive and negative implications of these changes and one cannot turn a blind eye on either. PR has evolved and changed drastically since 110 years ago due to changes in perceptions and modernization of news and journalism.
This essay will explore the the changes in the PR industry overtime and the main factors that created its new image today. It will also explain the effects the new PR industry has had on news and journalism as well as how these changes will continue to happen and shape the future.
The digitisation of PR transformed the industry. It’s an age where computers, the internet, and social media are key factors of getting information out and the reason there’s so much traffic and demand for professionals to publish online journalism. It is responsible for better interaction for the PR people with the public as well as any…
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