The Changes That Came About The Psychiatric Health Systems

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The world of State Hospitals and Psychiatric Nursing, literally a world that horror movies are made of. The history of mental health treatment is barbaric, including lobotomies, being wrapped in wet sheets until hypothermia set in, the electric shock treatments, lest we forget the twisted experts thinking of incestual everything in who became the “father of psychiatry” Sigmund Freud. Patient Rights were nonexistent, people were disposed of at the “sanitarium” they were locked up, chained to walls, and left eternally alone. Through out the past century there were some reforms made. The last large reform with “Beers” in the 1800’s. Mostly, that patients who were mentally ill were not “possessed by evil demons.” Or, that one cure to insanity…show more content…
“Going to Getch yourself killed Bitch.” That evening I arranged temporary supervisor for unit coverage while I went with staff and patients to the dining room. Our patients went through the line and sat in their assigned seating. A few minutes later, the DOC work release entered the cafeteria, in their usual way of upsetting. This time, one guard accompanied the inmates, and another who was clearly an ‘officer’. He had the rank of captain pinned to his uniform. After assessing the situation and deciding he was in charge, I approached him to discuss the situation at hand. Not really expecting how it would work out. When I arrived in his presence I was immediately met with hostile body language, he was standing in his full 6 foot size, his combat boots, shined, his uniform pressed, his insignia, polished to a shine. He had his arms crossed over his chest. I introduced myself, explained the problem briefly, while waiting for his reply or response, I noted a contempt in his eye and then he let me have it. A verbal flogging including but not limited, to His position of authority, his position of opinion, he proceeded to state that his inmates were doing no wrong, that the patients were crazy, that the staff were bitches. And I was the ultimate bitch, that he would have my job and further change myself with interfering with an officer and harassing his
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