The Changes in Police and Crime Drama Over Time Essay

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The Changes in Police and Crime Drama Over Time

Crime drama has always been featured as one of the most popular genres of our society. However over the year’s crime drama has been changed and adapted to fit into different times. Many aspects of crime drama have been changed such as camera shots, seriousness of crimes and police language/jargon in order for crime drama to change with the times, become more realistic and retain its former popularity.

Throughout time many crime programmes featured on T.V have changed through Media language (Iconography, editing, camerawork and music). The Bill, first created in 1984 featured a lot of Iconography. At the start of the title sequence the camera focuses
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Camera shots and editing have also changed. Older title sequences of the Bill used long camera shots, which were not varied and were focused on a particular person. However over the years as technology has improved the title sequences have become faster paced and use shorter and varied camera shots that create feelings of excitement and tension for the viewer.

Music has also changed. The original title sequence (1984) featured reggae style music and used off beat instruments. This suggested that the programme was based in a multi-cultural area. The music in the late 80’s was more upbeat and faster paced, however it featured the same theme tune. The music in the mid 90’s was jazzy and sophisticated. Music has become more upbeat due to changes of personalities in society. However the theme tune has remained the same in order for people of different times to identify the programme as a long remaining classic.

The storylines of each title sequence have also changed over time. In the original title sequence we do not see the police’s face. This indicates that the main emphasis of the programme is on the job of the police rather than their characters. The slow moving music and camera shots convey the sense that the programme does not feature dangerous crimes but simple crimes such as theft or burglary. However the late 80’s title sequence shows clips of
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