The Changes in Women's Roles Essay

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The Changes in Women's Roles Do you ever wonder how women's roles have changed in recent times? Originally women were in the household to take care of family matters such as cooking, cleaning, and children. Now in more modern times women's roles have expanded to working outside the home to take control of their families, and to work and take care of the children. Along with the increase of women in the work place the business of working at home and entreprenuership has become a valuable resource for women. Mothers in the work force must face their jobs, children, and husband's everyday. Many bosses are willing to sympathize with women who have kids. However many of their co-workers believe that this is a way of getting extra…show more content…
People as a whole need to get out away from their problems not using this as a reason to run but relaxation. When you bring children into the picture, everything changes. You become that provider for the family which can bring on a lot of responsibility and demands that causes a person to become stressed and depressed braking up your family. There are men who don't want their women to be independent but dependant on them. There is also that inner pride of whether or not their partner is making more money than them. Since these are things that should not matter, there is more time to spend with the children whom in return do better in school and other extracurricular activities. A working women life can be crazy and fast paced. It is making list with things that are never crossed off (Employed Mothers and their Children, pg. 108). A working mom needs help from an inner and outer force. It is very hard to carry the responsibilities of the family on their shoulders, just as it is hard for any one person to absorb all the responsibilities of there whole family on herself. However, it is so much harder for women to do so with the world being set up for men to take the lead. Most jobs lean toward the male gender. Not saying that jobs are set for one specific sex, but jobs available through companies seem to structure the job force to suite and work for men. In the older days wives were not able to work at
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