The Changes in the Way People Learn

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Over time the way people learn, obtain and remember information has drastically changed and will most likely continue to change. I will explore several of the changes from print technology, to recording technology to computers and cellphones. Many years ago very few people knew how to read, it was not until printing technology was improved that everyone began to learn to read. Before printing began all books were printed by hand by specially skilled people and it took several months to finish just one book causing them to be very rare and expensive so that only the wealthiest people could afford them (Bernstein 109). After Gutenberg invented his printing press which had replaceable movable letters used like stamps causing more books to be printed at a time (Bellis). The number of books available greatly rose causing the price of the books to decrease drastically so that even the poorest people could afford them. With this change many people were able to learn how to read. With this new found knowledge the way we learned changed, before people had to remember everything and after printing began to be cheaper people did not have to remember like before they could just read and write to take notes. Lecture Capture is used to record both video and audio of a class so that the students who have a legitimate reason for missing class such as a sickness or a school game they need to be present at can watch and listen at a later time (DeSantis 6). It is a good idea as people

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