The Changes of Phonetic and Function of Indonesian Borrowing Words

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THE CHANGES OF INDONESIAN BORROWING WORDS I. Introduction This essay will discuss about the changes of phonetic and functions of Indonesian Borrowing words (Loan-word) that is taken from English. Loan-word is the adopting of the words from different languages (Yule, 2006: 54). Besides, borrowing is the most useful way to create a new word. A language borrows words from another language to fill a “lexical gap” (Takeshi, 1990: 330). Indonesian in example has adopted words from others languages. However, Indonesian has changed the Phonetic of the words. Moreover, phonetic changes are influenced by the different tongue of the native English and Indonesian people. Indonesian people’s tongue cannot express English fluently. Therefore, they change the phonetic of a word into easier way to express. Moreover, the changing is not only happen in spoken language but also written language. Additionally, Indonesian has reasons to borrow language. This essay will focus on Indonesian that is influenced by local dialect. In addition, this essay will discuss about the function of English borrowing words in Indonesia. II. Discussion Indonesian has borrowed many words from other languages especially English. The borrowing happened when Indonesia was in colonialism era. The colony Dutch, English, portugesse, and Japanese as example had been influencing the language of Indonesia. However, native tongue of Indonesia is different from English. For instance, Javanese is very “medok”. Therefore,

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