The Changing Climate Of The Canadian Healthcare System Influenced By Calls For Increased Accountability For Quality Of Care

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Healthcare Leader Interview
The changing climate of the Canadian healthcare system influenced by calls for increased accountability for quality of care and financial prudence led to the re-evaluation of the healthcare delivery model including the leadership component (Canadian Health Leadership Network [CHLNet], 2014). Healthcare improvements and patient outcomes are associated with strong leadership (Swensen, Pugh, McMullan, & Kabcenell, 2013). To assist in developing competent and strong healthcare leaders, the CHLNet developed the LEADS framework that defines the skills and attributes required to successfully lead in the industry (CHLNet, 2015). This paper will include a description of a healthcare leader, the interview process and
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Finally, the leader was chosen because the interviewer inspires to have similar leadership style and this was an opportunity to learn the underlying principles and drivers that are not externally evident.
The director of interprofessional practice is a healthcare leader with more than 20 years of leadership experience. She has a corporate role and is responsible for developing and coordinating strategic initiatives and programs that promote interprofessional practice and standards of care. The interprofessional practice team is comprised of professional practice leaders for nursing and allied health and clinical nurse educators for different programs.
Interview Process The interview was scheduled a month in advance and the interview questions were shared with the leader ahead of time (see Appendix). This allowed the leader to think about how she wanted to answer the questions. When the leader was asked to participate in the interview she was humbled by the request and enthusiastically agreed to take part. The interview questions were geared towards understanding leader’s leadership style and attributes as it relates to the leadership theories and the LEADS framework. The interview was conducted in leader’s office, lasted approximately 45 minutes and recorded with leader’s consent. The atmosphere during the interview was relaxed, the leader was open to answering the questions and the answers seemed
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