The Changing Culture of Food and Society Essay

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In the words Michael Pollan (2008), he argues that “We forget that, historically people have eaten for a great many reasons other than biological necessity. Food is [therefore] about pleasure, community, family and spirituality, our relationship to the natural world, and about expressing our identity” (p. 8); and plays an important role on why we form a relationship with food. I can relate with Pollan’s ideology on the basis of my own cultural experience within the Black communities, and how life formed associations with food has shaped my viewpoint on health and wellness. Food and society are the key links in which our diet and culture shapes ones thoughts about the importance of health and wellness. The aspect of culture, behavior, and…show more content…
Thus, in turn, modernize process used in cultivating our soil and managing environmental industrial waste affects our food chain. Biotechnology and genetic engineering, placing our lives as well as the ecosystem at great risk, yet food is the basis in promoting physical health. I see the main controversy to be food modernization and how industrialized farms are poorly managed by the Federal Food Administration. I too share Pollan’s concern about our relationship to the natural world and how it affects ones overall wellbeing. His assertions on how “species co-evolve with other species that they eat’ is a testament of why the Western Diet attributes to chronic illness each year. The desire for healthier foods is a growing concern and become a billion dollar food enterprise which influences how consumers select and prepare food. Prior to reading this book, I thought I had a clear understanding of selecting nutritious foods. It was an awakening to have learned that over a thousand “food-like” items are produced and line our supermarket shelves each year. Commercialism and society demonstrate further evidence that supports how our relationship with food can influence the importance of health and wellness. The need for more convenient food and drinks products has paved the way to create an open market for leading food and beverage manufactures to target consumer’s health as an economic advantage. Marketing has the power to affect consumer’s
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